Saturday, March 16, 2013

James has died.

Well, 24 hours after I sent that last post, James was confirmed to be brain dead.

The lack of oxygen to his brain was too much for his brain, and it was starved of the necessary oxygen.

He was removed off the equipment, and he died with his family, and with his friends all around him.

Thank you for the support you gave us all, and May God bless you and Keep You, Your family, your friends, their friends, and May everything you do be done to Glorify him.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Major Setback

Hello you all. We are so sad to have to write this blog post, because it will bear very bad news. James was doing so well, infact, he was breathing on the ventilator with NO breaths from the machine, he was on 25% oxygen, andhe was actually going to be extubated early this morning. Last night though after I had went home for the night, I just had a strange feeling that something was not quite right.

I remember as I drove home passing the cars and trucks and I watched the yellow street lights going by and something just didn't feel right.

It was sort of an eary feeling, and I remember as I was sitting there driving, I remember getting this instinct that I should call the hospital to check on James.

Well, I decided it would be good to wait until I got home, because texting and driving are BAD, and talking and driving are bad as well in my oppenion. I prayed about this, and then when I got home, I went inside, and the first thing I did was call the hospital.

Immediatly by the nurse's tone of voice, I knew something was not right.

I could hear a lot of noise in the background, and I could tell it was in reguards to James because of the whole way I felt.

I could hear an alarm going off in the background and I immediatly recognized it as the alarm on his ventilator.

She told me that he had all of the sudden started fighting the  ventilator and was showing signs of poormental status.

They told me that that hapens sometimes in the Intensive care Unit,and then told me that I should try not to worry.

I hung up,and they had toldme that if anything out of the ordinary were to happen, they would call me.

I still felt the eary feeling, and I remember as I was getting something to eat, I was praying and was praying that nothing would be wrong with James, and that my worries were for nothing.

I then sat down to eat, and that's when the phone rung again.

I answered it,and they said, "If you want to see James, you need to get up here immediatly.

He's coding, and we are having trouble getting his heart to convert into a regular sinus rhythm.

I remember as I hung up the phone not even saying goodbye, I just dropped everything, and got into the car, and flew to the hospital with speeds of 80-90 MPH.

Something just told me this was going to be bad.


I remember when I arrived at the hospital, I went to the iCU, and they would not allow me into the hospital room.

They told me to wait,and so I did this.

I knew that something was wrong.


Finally, I heard a nurse coming into the waiting room, and she called my name.

I knew this was bad.

She introduced herself to me, and then she told me that she wanted to speak to me in the consultation room.
She directed me to the EXACT same room where I had went when  the Dr. was discussingthe RotoProne rotating bed,and I felt this was thelast night  I would have James.

Is I sat there in the chair, I remember saying silently to god, "Lord?

Please don't take James.

You have brought him through this so far, and You're going to bring him through the rest of this ALIVE, and HEALTHY.



I sat down, and the nurse simply said, "James went into complete cardiac arrest, and we had to perform CPR on him.

We got him back, but now his BIS monitor is showing a BIS of around ten and zero.

We think that the lack of oxygen may have injured his brain severely.

We think James ia BRAIN DEAD."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing.

I don't remember a single word that she said after that.

All I remember is feeling my heart pounding inmy chest.

Seeing James last night and even now is the hardest thing I can even think of.

I sit here and I watch his BIS monitor which is blinking at a BIS of between five and ten.

All sedation has been stopped to see if his brain will recover, but it does not look like this is going to occur.

An EEG is going to be performed in a few hours.
PLEASE pray that there is some results.

Right now, James is not initiating ANY effort on the ventilator, and the machine is set to CMV which means he is getting every single breath from the machine.

If James is Brain dead, there is nothing more that we can do, and the next step will be to turn off the ventilator and allow him to die.

I ask now that you please PLEASE place James in your prayers if you have not already done this.

He really really needs this.

PLEASE, and Thank you all so much.

God bless you all, and your family.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

The RotoProne bed is History.

As I sit here, I think of the blessings that we have went through, and I am so happy to say that one of themis seeing that RotoProne bed leave.

It was so nice to see him OUT OF THE rotating bed. Even with the RotoRest bed being used for a day It was fine with me, because that RotoProne bed was the strangest thing I have EVER seen in a hospital facility.

I mean, the thing would rotate him from side to side sixty two degrees while he was strapped into the bed.

Once, he woke up, and I could see his heart rate spike,and the BIS monitor had went from the 40s to the 90s within three seconds,and the paralyzing agent was still wearing off, and He started trying to move, and and he started trying to fight the ventilator.

I told him that he was all right, and that he was inside a RotoProne bed, and they were able to sedate him further.

The air mattress that he is on is so interesting to see it rotating.

Please pray for one of the patients and their family who is now in the hospital in the room next to James, and this patient is on the oscillating ventilator,and he is not expected to survive the night.

They are not going to try the RotoProne bed on him.

He's in severe Sepsis,and multi-Organ failure.

He's been througha whole lot in his life, and I spoke to his family, and they are absolutely heart broken that this is ahppening to him.

I prayed  with the family this morning, and they were very happy that someone could be there for them.

Right now as I watch James sleeping with the induced sedation of the Propofol and the Fentanyl that he is on, I think of how justa while ago, he was connected to an oscillating ventilator strapped into a RotoRest bed, and we were so worried weather he would survive, and God brought him through this.

Thank you for your wonderful support,and for your prayers.

Friday, March 8, 2013

No more RotoProne bed

I bring you all good news.

The first of this week brought the blessing of the transfer to a conventional hospital bed after a day on the Roto-Rest bed after the RotoProne bed.

This week's blessings have been numerous.

James is on a LOT lower ventilator settings, he's not paralyzed, and he's waking up a lot now.

They are going to be performing a tracheostomy soon, because he still is going to need the ventilator for a while longer.

He's on a hospital bed that has an air mattress, and this air mattress inflates and deflates very very slowly and sort of rotates him.

The bed that he is in can also vibrate and percuss, and they do this sometimes to help to clear out his lungs so they can suction them, and help keep his lungs from getting Pneumonia again.

He is glad to be out of the rotating beds I can almost promise you that.

The bed that he was in did seem comfortable sort of, but then he was strapped into the thing!

He's on the ventilator at the mode SIMV/PS and He's getting 15 breaths per minute with a Tidal Volume of 500 and He's breathing in between the breaths given to him by the ventilator, and when he breathes in spontaneously, he gets what is called pressure support.

This is a set level of pressure given to him to help him take a bigger breath.

The pressure support is set at 22, so he is still on a very high amount of pressure, but that is going to come down as the days go on.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

RotoProne bed still rotating.

Hello everyone, and how are you all doing?

Right now as I speak, things are going well.

They have been going rather well since last we talked.

they got James on his back 24/7 and he's just rotating continuously but not going onto his stomach in the prone position because  he's doing well.

They are going to be moving him back  onto theRed RotoRest bed either today, or tomorrow because they need to get the RotoProne bed back to KCI as soon as  possible because it costs a lot to rent stuff like this and they have had to pay a lot each day.

He is doing better however, and his ventilator settings are much lower.
His paralyzing atent has been turned off and he is going well, so they have him doing some of the work of breathing on his own.
Well he is still receiving breaths from the ventilator, but he is able to do some of the breaths and gets pressure support when he breathes.
Right now, I am sitting by James as he's in the RotoProne bed and I'm listening to the humming of the bed as it rotates him.

Please continue to pray for him.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Paralytic turned down.

Hello everyone, and how are you all doing?

This is just to let you all know that they have turned James's paralyzing  agent Vecuronium Bromide down some to allow him to get that out of his system.

He's doing very well.

He's still heavily sedated.

Vecuronium is not a sedative.

Given alone without sedation, It would cause the person to be awake yet unable to move.  Imagine how scarey that would be.

He's doing so well, and for this, we are very very thankful.

Yesterday, they got his PEEP down to 15, and he's on 70% oxygen via the ventilator's oxygen blender.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

The RotoProne bed is helping.

Hello everyone.

Today things have gone so well.

I'm here to let you all know that the working of God is happening through the RotoProne bed.

He's doing so much better.

He's on 90% oxygen, and his PEEP is down to 19, so this is something that we are very very thankful to have now.
They have been able to turn him onto his back every few hours for about 15 minutes and he seems to do well.

The plans over the next few days are to decrease his oxygen, and his PEEP settings and to increase the time he is on his back.

Now when he's on his back he is still rotated from side to side at 50 degrees.

They don't have him rotating at maximum of 62 degrees because he seems to do better at around 45-50 degrees.

Thank you so much for your prayers and your wonderful support.

If this keeps up, he might be off the RotoProne bed within a week or so they say.

They have his ventilator set to the mode CMV which is short for Controlled Manditory Ventilation.

In this mode he gets a set amount of breaths at a set Tidal volume.

If he were not paralyzed and he were to attempt to take a breath in between the ventilator's breath, the ventilator would give him another breath, but only at that volume that is set.

Another mode for this is Assist/Control.